Integrative psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling

My approach as an integrative therapist means that my practice is informed by more than one psychotherapeutic model, which I draw on to meet the needs, intentions, circumstances, and histories of individual clients. I am interested in the whole person: our affective (feelings), cognitive (thoughts), behavioural (actions), and somatic or physiological (what’s going on in our bodies) ways of functioning. How I work with these aspects of the self depends on you as a person and what you bring to therapy.

My practice is also relational – the relationship between therapist and client is possibly the single most important aspect of successful therapy.  I seek to provide a safe, confidential, and compassionate space in which to explore, at your own pace, whatever feelings, thoughts, behaviours, sensations and circumstances arise. Some of these may be intimate and/or painful for you; others may seem to you quite mundane. 

I have a commitment to anti-oppressive practice, whereby I aim to treat with respect the diversity of human experience, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, sexual orientation, disability, religion, culture or political beliefs, social and economic background, or immigration status.


What you discuss with me during our therapy sessions is strictly confidential to you and me. There are rare and exceptional circumstances in which confidentiality might be broken, which we shall discuss at our first meeting; if ever such conditions arose, I should always aim to discuss them with you before involving anyone else.

Social Media

Please be advised that I do not accept ‘friend’ requests from clients on Facebook or other social networking sites, nor private messages on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. This both protects confidentially for clients, and maintains the boundaries necessary for an effective and safe therapeutic relationship. However, you are very welcome to follow me on Twitter @GWPsychotherapy for news and links related to therapy and counselling, health and well-being.